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Benefits of Online Schooling

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

If you are reading this, you are probably searching for alternative routes to traditional schooling. Especially since the pandemic, schools have closed and have shifted to a virtual medium. Many teachers were unprepared and have had to shift their curriculum into an unfamiliar format. However, there are online schools, such as E Leadership that have been designed specifically for remote education by using tools that optimize online learning. In case, you were on the fence about switching, these are a few benefits of online schooling:

1. Flexibility

Whether you want to graduate early or if you want to build your classes around your schedule; online learning is a great opportunity for you to do that. The flexibility that online schooling allows will give you the opportunity to work on schoolwork during hours where you know you operate the best.

2. Customize classes according to your interests and goals

With online schooling, it is easier to customize the different classes according to what you would like to pursue during your tertiary education. Whether it is more art focused classes, STEM focused classes, entrepreneurial classes, and more, you are able to pick classes that will enrich your knowledge in these areas and set you up for success within the fields that you are passionate about.

3. Learning with peers from diverse backgrounds

With a virtual platform, you will have classmates from different corners of the planet! This will give you the chance to connect with peers from diverse backgrounds and cultures. This experience will expand your worldview and give you a chance to learn from others.

4. Lower costs

The average tuition for private schools in the United States is $11004 per year which is almost twice the tuition of E Leadership with $5999 per year (this fee includes STEM and English classes). In addition to tuition itself, you will be able to save on additional costs such as room & board, books and miscellaneous fees. Online schooling makes quality education affordable and accessible.

In conclusion, online schooling is effective if you’re looking for affordable and flexible alternatives to traditional schooling. It will provide you a different experience with a faculty and classmates from all over the world. Please contact if you are interested in switching over to online school with E leadership!

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