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Nurturing Children Emotionally

When it comes to nurturing children emotionally, there are 3 main aspects: social interaction, emotional awareness and self-regulation (U.S. Department of Education, 2017). By nourishing these aspects, the children are expected to hone leadership skills and stay committed to what they set their mind to.

The social interaction between children and their environment, influence their way of engaging in different relationships. The relationship between their peers and teachers in school develop them socially as they observe their surroundings. Taking turns while playing with toys, helping their friends with homework and cooperating with others are few examples of how they apply their social skills (U.S. Department of Education, 2017).

Emotional awareness is being able to possess the ability to notice and understand people’s feelings and actions (U. S. Department of Education, 2017). Having this awareness among the children will make them to respect and have courtesy towards other’s feelings. They learn that certain actions done to the people they hurt or love will have huge impact to the person. It is important to teach them the importance of being emotionally-aware towards people around them.

Self-regulation is important to be possessed by the children as it helps to recognise and be thoughtful of others around them (U. S. Department of Education, 2017). By possessing this ability, the children are learning the way to being expressive with their thoughts, behaviours and feelings in the appropriate way. They learn to calm down when they are angry or excited are examples of self-regulation.


U. S. Department of Education (2017). Fostering Healthy Social and Emotional Development in Young Children: Tips for Early Childhood Teachers and Providers. Maryland Families Engage. 1-9. Retrieved 24th September, 2020 from

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