• Nathanie Ngu

The Importance of Personalized Guidance K-12

Personalized guidance in early childhood is important, as it prepares a guideline for parents or legal guardians for their children’s education development. In our academy, we consult the parents on the children’s interests and their growth development. It is crucial to stay on pace with the children’s growth and have someone to guide them on the correct path. According to Duart and Szucs (2018), by consulting experienced advisors, there will be balanced teaching, consistency on feedback and assessment for learning. The consultancy also results to more opportunities for more teaching customized accordingly to students’ knowledge, achievements and skills as well as their core interests and their parents’ expectations (Duart & Szucs, 2018).

Personalized guidance or personalized learning can be at different places, time and students’ pace of learning and it helps to enhance their learning and development in every aspect. In personalized guidance, they are taught to polish their metacognitive, emotional development and also their social skills for the importance of fostering self-direction as well as achieving the power of knowledge (Murphy, Redding & Twyman, 2016).


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